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Admin Search
This extension places a search box on any page in admin and allows you to search for orders, product..
$30.00 $27.00
Affiliate Report
Simple and intuitive affiliate report Report shows affiliate name, company, email, status, com..
$30.00 $27.00
Custom Invoice Number
This extension allows you to set invoice number manually Features: + Set invoice number manually..
$20.00 $18.00
Custom Message
This extension allows you to create and place a custom message on any page. Features: + Custom H..
$20.00 $18.00
Customer VIP Program
The customer VIP program module makes it possible to set up a discount rewards system for your custo..
$40.00 $36.00
Deluxe Gift Voucher
This extension improves standard opencart gift voucher system. Features: + Display image for vou..
$30.00 $27.00
This extension syncs contact information on Opencart to your Insightly account. Changes on Insightly..
$50.00 $45.00
Login Required Plus
This extension requires visitor to login to browse the site. Feature: + If you have multistore, ..
$30.00 $27.00
New Address Phone
By default, each customer can only have one phone number.  This extension allows a phone number..
$25.00 $22.50
PDF Export
This extension allows user to print/export products to a single PDF file.  For example, user se..
$30.00 $27.00
Product Slider
Flexible products slideshow/carousel using swiper JS - Product price, title, rating, description,..
$30.00 $27.00
Quick Order
This module allows customers to add all their products to cart in one place.  This aims at maki..
$30.00 $27.00
Random Order/Invoice ID
Features: + Generate random order number + Generate random invoice number + Automatically updat..
$30.00 $27.00
Read More
This extension provides a simple method to hide long description from cluttering your page. It will ..
$30.00 $27.00
Referral Coupon Program
This extension gives incentive to customer to refer friends and family to your store.  The pers..
$40.00 $36.00
Referral ID Reward Program
This extension gives incentive for customer to refer friends and family to your store.  It crea..
$40.00 $36.00
Reward Redeem Advance
This extension simplifies reward point redeem setup on your store. Instead of setting up how much re..
$40.00 $36.00
Secure Trading Payment Pages - Forward customer Info
If you're using Secure Trading Payment Pages module and Journal quick checkout theme or some kind of..
$30.00 $27.00
SEO Friendly URL
One of the most basic search engine optimization techniques is in using SEO-friendly URL structures...
$40.00 $36.00
SoldOut Plus
This extension removes "Add To Cart" button on "Out Of Stock" products. Features: + Remove "Add ..
$30.00 $27.00
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